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Proyecto personal / Personal project

" [...] el barco se llamaba Habana, igual que la capital de Cuba, y nos dirigíamos a Inglaterra, éramos casi cuatro mil niñas y niños. A nosotras no nos cambiaron el nombre, pero en la tarjeta de identificación que nos pusieron aparecía un número, nada más que un número, pocas de nosotras sabíamos contar hasta ochocientos, y menos aún, claro, hasta cuatro mil. [...]"

" [ ... ] The ship was called Havana, like the capital of Cuba, and we were headed to England. There were almost four thousand girls and boys. For us girls, they didn't change our names, but on the ID card which they gave us there was a number, just a number. Few of us knew how to count to eight hundred, and fewer still, up to four thousand. [ ... ] "